Critical Thinking: Why Are So Many People Obsessed With Celebrities?

It could be said that there have more or less always been people who are famous for one thing or another, but what is different about today’s world, is that it is easier than ever before for someone to achieve this aim. There are two main reasons for this, with the first being reality TV and the second being the internet.

Thanks to former, someone can end up become famous practically overnight, and this can take place even if they have very little, if any, talent. When it comes to the latter, the same thing can occur without too much time passing and without one needing to have any kind of talent.

A Life Goal

One outcome of this is that so many people now see fame as the ultimate achievement, something that is far superior to anything else that can be attained. What this shows is how fame has saturated the western world.

For someone like this, fame is not going to be a something that is simply a by-product of doing something else; it will be something that is pursued directly. As a result of this, they might not care what they do as long as this takes place.

Another Part

If someone experiences life in this way, it is also likely to mean that they look up to certain celebrities. Then again, they could admire just about anyone who is famous, due to the fact that this person will have attained something that they themselves desire.

When it comes to the celebrities that they follow, then, these could be actors and/or singers, or they could be famous for other things. If they don’t care about what someone does, the mere fact that another person is famous could be enough to pull them in.

A Big Shift

Someone like this is then not going to be interested in what they can do to make the world a better place; they will only be interested in doing what they can to be known by as many people as possible. Its then as if one sees themselves as being separate for everything else as opposed to being part of it.

One is then on this planet but there is no need for them to make a contribution to the planet while they are here. The only thing that they need to do is to receive attention from others and that will be enough.


One way of looking at this would be to say that the only reason someone would want to be famous is because their needs were not met during early years. Consequently, one is likely to feel insignificant, worthless and invisible, amongst other things.

Being famous is then going to be a way for them to recreate their early years; only this time, they will be able to get what they didn’t get all those years ago. The trouble is that they are likely to be carrying trauma, which will stop them from being able to internalise positive feedback from others.

A Futile Pursuit

It will be a bit like trying to permanently mark a window by using milk, it will just wash off. No matter how much positive feedback they receive from other people, it won’t have a lasting effect.

What someone like this really needs to do is to heal their inner wounds as this will gradually allow them to feel whole and complete. Through doing this they will no longer feel the same way and this will mean that they will no longer have the same needs.


By no longer feeling so empty on the inside, they will no longer need the approval from random strangers to feel whole. The fullness that they feel within themselves will also most likely allow them to focus more on what they can give to the world, than on what they can get from it.

Taking this into account, it shows how important early care is when it comes to having a functional society. What someone doesn’t receive during this stage of their life can be what they will look for as an adult, with this typically being something that takes place unconsciously.

Another Scenario

If one is more interested is following different celebrities than they are with being famous, it can show that they live their life through these people. By identifying with them, it is going to have a positive effect on how they feel and see themselves.

And, although these people will be their fellow human beings, it can be as though these people are above them. Said another way, these people can be like gods and goddesses.


What this can show is that deep down, one feels worthless and this has then caused them to see these people as being perfect. Indentifying with what they have projected into these people will be a way for them to avoid their true feelings.

If they were to detach themselves from them, they might soon end up coming into contact with how they really feel. Thus, being obsessed with different celebrities will be way for them to avoid themselves.


One way to look at the obsession that so many people have when it comes to celebrities would be to say that this shows that there are a lot of people who feel worthless or as though they are nothing. If these people were to work through their own wounds and were gradually able to embrace their own worth in the process, there would be no reason for them to put their fellow human beings on a pedestal.

Focusing on their own life and doing what they could to achieve their own goals would be far more important. Not only would this allow them to lead a more fulfilling existence, it would also most likely allow them to make a positive contribution to the world.

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