Celebrity Tattoos – Penelope Cruz

I’m going to start doing a post or two a week about celebrity tattoos. For some unknown reason the world seems to be overly obsessed with celebrities and people want to know everything about them and their tattoos are no different. Many people are curious to know what some of their favorite celebrities have tattoos of and what some of them might mean.

Well I thought I would start with Penelope Cruz. I know she is a kind of random celebrity but I read this interview with her talking about her tattoo. Or should I say the lack of talking about her tattoo. Penelope seems to be very guarded about her tattoo and will not reveal the meaning or significance behind it. Which in all honesty she has every right to feel that way. But it is a little odd because most people like to share the story behind their tats. But if she wants to keep hers private than all power to her.

Here is how the interview went,

Is it true that you have 883 tattooed on your ankle?

It is true, but I never say why.

Is it an area code?

No, and it’s not a Harley-Davidson. It’s not the different things that have been said.

So everyone can have a theory?

I don’t think anyone cares. It’s my own tattoo.

And it’s your own ankle.


I guess we will never know the meaning behind the 883 on ther ankle. But until then I guess we all will just have to keep guessing or trying to come up with what it might mean. But it doesn’t seem like Penelope is going to confirm it even if we do guess the right thing.

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