A True Fashionista

While on the phone with my cousin last night, I discovered the definition of a true fashionista. The conversation began as it always does, with us exchanging woe-is-me tales, however, my woe-is-me story led to a it’s-time-for-creativity-in-fashion rant. Why? Because, I am tired of Ugg Boots and Skinny Jeans. In my opinion, Ugg Boots are ugly. Period. They do nothing for the average woman’s figure, in that they make your feet look huge and your calves look fat. Yes, I have heard how comfortable they are but, there other comfortable and warm boots. And to me the only reason these boots are popular is because they are expensive and several celebrities wore them before they became popular with the general public. These boots and the trend-followers that wear them exude no originality. They have no personality or style. They are just big, over-priced boots.

And as for Skinny Jeans, they are just not for me. These jeans are made entirely too tight and restrictive. My legs need to breathe and b/c I live in NYC, I walk a lot and I want to be comfortable while I do it. To me these jeans are popular because they are the only jean different from the traditional wide leg or boot cut to hit the scene in a while. And I’ll admit sometimes they look cute on the right girl with the right pair of boots or heels. But, that does not mean that they are for everyone. It seems to me that some women refuse to be original in their fashion sense simply because they would rather fit in than stand out. But, what they don’t realize is that “fitting in” is sooo high school. If you’re a grown woman then, it’s time to step your game up and be different.

Women like Iman, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks are style icons because they are unique. During their respective heydays, they were fresh faces with style and grace. But, the key to their style is they each knew that they couldn’t be like everyone else, they could only be themselves. Any true fashionista knows this. Therefore, I give you the definition of a true fashionista: She knows and loves herself so, she has self-confidence. A true fashionista knows all the latest trends but, she picks and chooses which ones she will actually buy and wear. Meaning she is very picky, she does NOT buy things simply because they are name brand and expensive, that’s just silly and in this economy, unrealistic. Basically, she has her own individual style that only she can rock.

And there you have it. The pen has spoken.

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