7 Proven Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

Everyone has heard about Twitter these days and are using the service to connect with people from all over the world. The service is used by people from all walks of life, from the man on the street to the celebrities who interest us. The micro-blogging service provides you with an opportunity to instantly engage with people who share your interests. The service can be used to build your customer base and to increase your earnings dramatically.

Create an interesting Bio

One way to attract followers is to create an interesting Bio for you Twitter page. You only have a few lines to write some interesting information about yourself here, so make that information count! You also have the opportunity to add a link to your website and to include your name and location. This information is shown on Twitter’s suggested users page, so ensure that this information is interesting, if you want people to follow you. Your Bio is very important and an opportunity to tell people who you are and what you do, make sure that it stands out! Get rid of the default Twitter Avatar, people who don’t bother to customize their profiles generally are Bots and Spammers and we can do without those!. Make sure that include a photograph of yourself, rather than your brand as people relate better to people, not some faceless object.

Create a killer profile

Another aspect of your profile which speaks a lot about you is your Twitter background, don’t stick with the default Twitter backgrounds, create something that speaks about you and and your interests. There are some great free services on the web where you can find attractive backgrounds. If you are creative then you could easily make your own or you could have one created by people on sites like Fiverr.

Write interesting content

Write interesting updates which will interest people and get them to follow you. A big mistake that many Internet Marketers make is spamming affiliate links because they believe that people will click on these links and they will instantly earn money. This doesn’t happen! It’s just a load of junk that Twitter could do without, the people using these techniques are misguided and they won’t (unless they are incredibly lucky) build up a good following or make any money through the service.

Use the Twitter search facility

You can find interesting people by searching Twitter for people tweeting about your subject. Add the people who interest you and send a @username update, if you can provide some information of value. You can also retweet any updates which impress you. This simple method of engaging with people will help to build your following and best of all these followers will be targeted.

Spread the word

You spend a lot of time in communities on the web, right? Practically every online community, forum and blog gives you an opportunity to promote your Twitter profile. You can also get plugins for your blog which will post your latest articles to Twitter and as long as you are creating interesting and useful content then you will attract more followers when they see your updates.

Add 200 followers a day

Twitter allows you to add up to 500 users a day, but if you are doing this manually (as you can imagine) it can be a time consuming task. I use software to add 200 targeted users each day and I don’t tend to go above that, if the people haven’t followed me back after a couple of days I use software to remove them. This is a necessary process because when you reach the point where you are following 2000 users Twitter introduces following limits based upon the ratio of the people you are following and the amount of people following you back. By using software for these tasks I have never been affected by these limits and I now have over 14000 targeted followers. On average I get 100 new followers everyday, which equates to 52000 followers over a one year period.

Automate your activities

As your Twitter account grows and you have a large amount of targeted followers interacting with you, it really becomes a necessity to remove the people who are not following you back. When you have thousands of people following you this can be quite a task and it is here that software will help to clean out the time wasters and inactive accounts.

In conclusion you should now have a good understanding of how to build your Twitter following and to use this powerful service to benefit you financially. People who a serious about using Twitter to make money will need to use tools to automate their activities, I know this from my own personal experience and managing 14000 followers can be quite a task.

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