6 Priorities, We Must Demand, Public Officials Prioritize

Many Americans believe, we live in troubling times! They believe, both, the present, and the future, of the nation, and the world, may, very possibly, be, at risk! While it’s easy to blame, those holding certain elected, public positions, for these situations, and scenarios, in reality, that’s merely, passing – the – buck, and refusing to admit, each of our personal responsibility, to carefully choose, individuals, who are ready, willing, and able, to put service and representation, first, over their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 priorities, the electorate must demand, their public officials, prioritize.

1. Climate change/ environment: Whether President Trump, truly believes it, or it fits his agenda, he often articulates a message, of climate change – denial, His administration has decimated, and largely eliminated, the department, which does scientific research, and study, in that, and other related areas. He proclaims, he disagrees with the scientists, and knows best, even though, the vast majority of experts, in this area, are certain, of the reality of this issue, and its imminent danger! Shouldn’t each generation be held responsible, to take care of the planet, and leave it, properly, for future generations? Between eliminating many environmental protections, and curtailing others, naming former lobbyists/ employees of corporate polluters, as Cabinet Secretaries, replacing relevant, sustainable policies and viable solutions, with politically motivated rhetoric, etc, if voters fail to pay more attention, and demand more, and better, sooner, rather than later (and many believe, real action is needed within about 12 – 15 years), the ramifications may be horrific!

2. World Peace/ terrorism: With so many potential threats to world peace, and safety, one would think, the United States would strengthen our tradition alliances, with our friendly allies. However, we have observed, Mr. Trump, make statements, and take actions, which have severed, and challenged these, instead! Terrorism is a worldwide challenge, and, only, when we all work together, to make our world safer, and more securer, will it be so!

3. Quality jobs/ economy: While, the present occupant of the White House, points to the low unemployment rate, and high stock market prices, as evidence of great strides, in terms of economic growth, strength, and jobs, studies have indicated, the growth has been dramatically skewed, towards the wealthiest 1%, and larger corporations. The so – called, tax reform legislation, enacted in 2017, which was promoted as being great for the middle – class, has clearly, favored the wealthiest, and little real progress, has been made, towards helping the rest of us. The minimum wage has not been increased in decades, and Trickle Down Economics, has been proven, to never work, in our history!

4. Health care: Is access to, affordable, quality health care, a right, or a privilege? We witness politicians argue about, whether one approach, or another, is best, but, rather, wouldn’t we be better served, if/ when, the emphasis was on achieving a viable solution, to achieve, the relevant, needed objectives/ goals? Instead of making this political, we should be seeking solutions, which are both idealistic, as well as pragmatic, and realistic!

5. Safety/ secure borders: Nearly, no one, ever called for open borders, yet, President Trump, has used his Southern Wall (an approach, experts, have stated, is expensive, and. inefficient, as well as being an un – American symbol) to inspire, and motivate his core supporters, while using rhetoric, and vitriol, to polarize our nation! We need safe, secure borders, but, this President, rather than focusing on solutions, has preferred to use it, as a political message! Statistics and studies show, many of the undocumented immigrants, who have recently come to our nation, many, for asylum, felt, they had little, to no choice, because the U.S. has dramatically reduced humanitarian support, to these troubled nations!

6. Freedoms, liberty, and justice, for all: What does America stand for, if we abandon, our priority, for freedoms, liberty, and justice, for all? This nation has always, distinguished itself, by the strengths, of these protections, and standing – up, for human rights, throughout the world!

Wake up, America, and demand, those we elect, prioritize things, which need to be our top priorities! Will you assume your personal responsibility?

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